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MAG Talent 

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MAG needs intelligent and meticulous employees, as well as people with strong sense of responsibilities and good conduct. We need not only ordinary employees, but also ambitious and motivated elites who can become managers and shareholders of the company in the future.

MAG offers you a platform for rapid development and self-improvement. We are also a company with big dreams. We're not just talking about it, we're actually doing it. You can make the most of your talents and work together with us on your dreams.

If you are looking for a fresh challenge, this could be your opportunity to work for a world-renewed enterprise that brings pioneering ideas, positive energy and innovation.



MAG Talent 城市合伙人,是指认同MAG平台商业模式与发展理念,愿意服从MAG相关管理,规定,在指定的区域,就MAG的产品与服务,进行推广,并促成交易的企业与个人,城市合伙人,是MAG 市场推广落地的首要先锋,是重要的合作伙伴, MAG设计了持续发展路径,与职业规划。旨在与城市合伙人,形成长期的战略伙伴,一同开启创富之路。

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